What is SEO? Why is SEO Important?

By | June 1, 2020

SEO means search engine optimization, it is a technique that allows us to take articles or videos written by us or our page to the top of the search engine.

Make sure to use the photo in the post of your website, because the photo increases all your traffic, so do not forget to put a url while using the photo.


So friends, this was some information related to on page seo. You can use on-page seo to create traffic to your blog. Thank you very much for getting more information like this.

What is SEO?

Suppose we go to Google and search by typing any keyword, then all the videos related to its word are visible to you, but the most popular among them is the one that is at the top in the search engine because someone Also the visitor’s attention first goes to the one who is at the top.

Why is SEO Important?

Let me now friends believe that we have created a website and put many posts in it, but if we have not done SEO for it, then it will be of no use and all the effort to build your website will go in vain if you do not use SEO. Whenever a user searches a keyword, if there is a contact related to his word in your website, then the user will not be able to access your website because the search engine will not be able to find our site nor the contact of our website on its database. Will be able to keep it and if it does not happen then you will not get any traffic.

What is On-page SEO?

The main use of this SEO is in your blog, some rules have been made by the SEO, following which you can use the time in your website, write good contacts and also put good keywords in them, which are the most searched in search engines. Go.

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How to do on-page SEO?

Here we will tell you about some ways today, with the help of which you will be able to easily do on page SEO in your blog website.

Speed ​​of Website

Website speed is a very important link, in view of this, friends, in a survey, there has been a report that any visitor stays on a blog or website for a maximum of 56 seconds, if he does not open within the same time, then leave it in another Goes away and this also applies for Google because if your blog does not open soon, then a negative signal goes to Google that the blog is not good today, I am giving you some important tips that will help you speed up your website. Can increase.

Reduce Image Size

If you want to get good traffic in your page, then for this you must keep in mind that every photo you are uploading should compress the photo well, the better car photo is bad at the loading time of your website If you upload a big photo, then your website opens late.

Use plugins

You should also use plugins to get good traffic in your website, I have already given you information about plugins, by using plugins we can also increase our traffic well.
Website key navigation

It should be easy to move around in your blog or website so that no visitor and Google face any difficulty in moving from one page to another.

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