5 Plugin For WordPress

By | July 17, 2020

Friends, this is a great plugin, if you want to make your WordPress mobile friendly, then its biggest feature is that both its versions come, if you want, you can also use it for free, otherwise whose premium is also taken You can get some less features in the free version, there is only one design available for you, but friends, if you take the premium version then you can choose more than one design on it, friends, it is mainly mobile friendly It has been made so it gives a good response.


It is also a very good plugin, in which you get many different features that make it different, by using it you can easily make your WordPress mobile friendly.

To use it, first you have to open it, when you open it, you will see an option of a model inside it, you can activate it and launch it easily.

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Max mega menu

Go to the list of friends mobile friendly plugins is also a very important plugin, by using it you can easily add a visit of WordPress to your WhatsApp and use it in the menu, the biggest feature is that you get it. You can also use it to change the menu, on this you get to edit different types of themes, friends, if you want to use a magazine, then there is a very good plugin for it.

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