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Top 5 Countries in The Worlds Most Internet Using

By | December 23, 2019

Today we will give you information about the 5 most Internet-using countries in the world, which will be information from 2000 to 2019, so let’s begin. 5 most internet-using countries in the world 5- Indonesia: –The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta and the interesting thing is that more than 700 languages ​​are spoken here. “Indonesia”… Read More »

Top App For you to chat and call even when there is no mobile network?

By | December 18, 2019

It’s 2014. People were on the streets in Hong Kong. Were doing a protest. Pro-Democracy Protest. Revolt in support of democracy. During this Protest, the name of an app started to be known in the news. Firechat. Chats and calls can be made via FireChat, without mobile networks. If the mobile network of an area… Read More »

What is ranking in SEO? Small Word

By | December 6, 2019

As we all know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means making web pages better for search engine ranking. In SEO, ranking refers to content’s position on search engine result pages(SERP’S).  Appearing in the top 3 results is excellent because half of the clicks on a search results page goes to those positions. To survive… Read More »